An Art Experience that Helps You Be Unapologetically YOU, and Unveil Your Unique Power.


Let Your Soul SHINE!

Hi, I'm Morgan

The artistic visionary behind Soul Portraits, with over 20 years of experience and a 5 star rating across all platforms.

I'm ready to help you tell your story of triumph and victory to empower you daily - and remind yourself how powerful you truly are.

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You Want to be Inspired, but You're Starting to Doubt Yourself

From surviving SA to grieving the loss of my mom to cycles of anorexia and binging, self-hatred, people pleasing, (plus oh so many more experiences)...  I worried that I'd never feel like myself again.

Desperately trying to "girl boss up" during those emotional lows, I ingested toxic positivity and constantly compared myself to others, and that did nothing but make me feel more inadequate - which continued the cycle of anxiety and depression.

For years, I suppressed the emotions that felt too heavy, too overwhelming, or inconvenient.  I tried to run away but called myself "strong."

When all along, the key was to embrace EVERY feeling.  To no longer hide my emotions.

After going face-to-face with my experiences, taking control of my story, and allowing myself to FEEL the spectrum of emotions, I was able to remember who TF I am - ignoring the haters, the nay-sayers, media rhetoric, and even the negative voice in my mind.

You may feel stuck in a loop of inadequacy, questioning yourself, and wishing life would give you a break...

But please, understand this, you are STILL the same badass you've always been.  You just need to own your story.

And quite honestly, you worry you've lost a part of yourself that will never return


This Experience is For You If:

You're tired of wearing a mask and want to be unapologetically, genuinely you

You don't want to spend the rest of your life feeling like you've forgotten your true self

You know you're destined for greatness but need some help seeing it right now

You compare yourself to others, have lost belief in yourself, or fear failure


You'll Love Working With Me

I'm Never Late.

Thanks to my outstanding work ethic, experience, and expertise, you'll see your project come to life – no matter how intricate or complex – in a timely, streamlined fashion. This means NO waiting around forever and NO frustration for you. 


When trusting someone to tell your story, you explore territory that seems uneasy and intimidating at times.  I'm understanding but also comforting, loving, and empathetic when bringing your vision to life.  I support each step of your journey with love and no judgment.  You can tell me anything.

I Use Meaningful Symbolism

Since you don't fit into a mold, your Soul Portrait shouldn't either.  When creating stories as unique as individual humans, it's imperative that designs and color choices are never a repeat or cookie-cutter.  There is a reason and meaning behind every color and subject matter choice for your unique, original piece.

Sometimes, Life is HARD, and Our Story isn't Just "Rainbows & Sunshine"

How? I do everything (and I mean, EVERYTHING) to create a breathtaking, amazingly stunning, meaningful art piece that resonates with YOU, keeps you inspired, and reminds you to stay true to your emotions (and remind you who TF you are) every time you look at it.

In a world where toxic positivity, "faking smiles", gaslighting, and suppressing real emotions are the norm, I'm breaking down the chains and making it easier to help you REFLECT, HEAL, and CELEBRATE yourself.  I incorporate all of the stories and experiences that shaped you into an art piece that truly portrays your message with empowerment at its heart.

Clients have trusted me with tender stories like SA, losing a child, and more very difficult life experiences.  Rest assured that I'll be gentle and respectful of your FULL story, too.

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Don't Worry, You're in Good Hands.  I help you own your story with strength and power.

With Over 20 Years Of Experience, Morgan Has Helped Dozens of People Unveil their Unique Greatness Through Beautiful, Timeless Pieces.

And She Can't Wait To Do The Same For You.


I couldn’t believe I had this beautiful piece of craftsmanship on my wall. It's breathtaking. I even asked myself, “Is this wallpaper?!” I stared for minutes observing the fine details. My heart...geez.
- Daffaney J.

"When I saw the finished product I couldn’t believe my eyes."

The symbolism in the colors and subject of the piece were well-researched and carefully built to make every single aspect of the painting unique and special.
-Alyson L.

"I can’t thank her enough for her attention to detail both with me and my new painting."

The painting I received features very bold colors with character and personality that jumps off of the canvas. Morgan was also very friendly and professional in working with me to make my idea a reality. A+.
-Freddie T.

"My wife and I absolutely love it!  Bold with character."

Her personalization is even more stand out. She takes such pride and honor in sharing her gift with the world and she is a gem of human to know and work with. I’ll be working with Morgan Tanner again in the future.
-Meagan M.

"The quality and technique of her work is absolutely stellar."

Morgan did a mural in our bathroom at our permanent makeup shop and it is such a fun feature! Our clients always mention it. We told Morgan our vibes and she took it from there. Highly recommend her!
- Haylee C.

"Our mural is such a fun feature!  Clients always mention it."

I wanted to get my Aunt something special to remember my cousin after he passed away. Morgan listened & came up with the perfect representation of my cousin. The painting was gorgeous, brought us all to tears at Christmas. Morgan made the process joyful even in a time of sorrow and we are so grateful.
- Shelbie L.

"Morgan is an abolute joy to work with!"

Release the Expectations

There is nothing wrong with you.  You are perfect exactly as you are.

What's so interesting about the process of rediscovering yourself is releasing expectations that others had of you...

We see these expectations frequently in everyday life (spoken and unspoken), and it happens so often that we don't notice it.

For example:  "smile more," being thin = more value, don't be too bossy but don't be too submissive...  The list goes on and on. 

You are a divine, amazing, wonderful human exactly as you are.

Now, it's time you start believing and celebrating that about yourself - EVERY DAY!

With the amount of messaging you receive daily - from friends, family, work, media - it's hard to do this without some help.

A powerful, consistent, visual reminder will be the reliable and steady voice of reason, love, and compassion that you need admist a sea of guilt, inadequacy, and comparison.


When Working With Me, You Get...

✔ One-of-a-kind Soul Portrait that is as unique and as bold as you are that will "WOW" you from the minute you open the package

✔ A flawless, timeless art piece that serves as your consistent reminder to fully express yourself - and be unapologetically you

✔ Assurance from a professional artist who has a wide portfolio of different clients and real testimonials to prove it

✔ Peace of mind – and zero stress – from the moment you schedule a free visit site to the day we wrap the project up

✔ A personalized, unique written story explaining the symbolism of your unique Soul Portrait

✔ And a WHOLE lot more…

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Live as your true, authentic self every single day with an art piece that is as unique, bold, and unapologetic as you are.  Contact Morgan to get started today.

Ready to Rediscover Your Power?

Who I work with:

 People who value the creative process, are open-minded, and will trust an expert to take the reigns.

Who I work with:

People who are kind, who never settle for less than they deserve, and are kickass - and they know it.

Copy another artist's work.  I create transformational masterpieces, not duplicated transactional work.

What I won't do:

Need Help Deciding?


No worries - Morgan can help you find what's best for you.

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