You're CRAVING something BOLD, unique, and sophisticated with energy that will never fade with time. 


Who I work with:

 People who are passionate about what they do and are absolutely excellent at it.

Who I work with:

 People who value the creative process, are open-minded, and will trust an expert to take the reigns.

If you want your logo painted on the front desk, please ask your cousin's friend to do that. I create transformational masterpieces, not transactional work.

Who I don't work with:

You know your space needs more "umph." 

→ You've thought about remodeling, painting, or even changing the tile, but settling for average is something you'll never do.

 → Your soul yearns for something different, something that not everyone could order online or mimic from Pinterest. 

→ The idea of unlocking the door to reveal a true, one of a kind masterpiece, makes your heart sing. 

→ You can no longer ignore the fact that you're missing out on the "vibe" train in today's online world. You're longing for floods of tags on Instagram from happy customers in front of your mural that they adore. *Hello, free marketing.* 

→ The energy you once had for your space is starting to fizzle out and needs a renewal, a revival, a jump start!

Her personalization is even more stand out. She takes such pride and honor in sharing her gift with the world and she is a gem of human to know and work with. I’ll be purchasing more Morgan Tanner original art in the future. -Meagan M.

"The quality and technique of her work is absolutely stellar."

I couldn’t believe I had this beautiful piece of craftsmanship on my wall. It's breathtaking. I even asked myself, “Is this wallpaper?!” I stared for minutes observing the fine details. My heart...geez. - Daffaney J.

"When I saw the finished product I couldn’t believe my eyes."

The symbolism in the colors and subject of the piece were well-researched and carefully built to make every single aspect of the painting unique and special. -Alyson L.

"I can’t thank her enough for her attention to detail both with me and my new painting."