Imagination: Everything about our environment affects our mood, creativity, and mental well being. Creating the perfect environment to foster imagination for your employees and customers can be as simple as a few colors and a few hours with an expert like myself. 

Inviting: Spaces, like our hearts, should be welcoming in all ways. For this reason, I also don't include lettering within my designs - my work is understood by all.

Immersion: Being completely engulfed and saturated in whatever I do - devoting my whole entire being - brings upon the most peaceful, joyful moments possible. The designs I create mimic this by bringing an immersive experience for your customers that seems to stop time.

As I'm sure you did too, I learned how to play the recorder in 5th grade. "Pop quiz," was the first thing I heard after the bell rang. Our task? To draw and label the parts of the recorder from memory. It took everyone else about 2 minutes to finish the entire assignment, but when the timer rang at 10 minutes, I wasn't even finished with my drawing yet. Rather than scold or shame me, my teacher asked to see my drawing...

It all started in music class.

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She seemed to make a big deal about how detailed it was - even down to the proportions and shading. "Morgan, have you been tested for gifted art?" she asked, to which I stumbled to inquire, "Umm... what is gifted art?" You see, this was my first year at a new school that actually HAD an arts program. My previous school had one classroom for each grade of about 15-20 students to give you context. I had never gone to an art lesson in my life... or even considered the thought that "I could" do art. My small-town Louisiana family wasn't the most well-off financially, and we thought art wasn't for "our kind of people." Luckily, my angel of a mother agreed to have me tested for gifted art, and I passed with flying colors on the first try. That tiny spark of potential that another human being saw within me has amassed into an engulfing flame of passion for color, design, and transformation 

that's been burning brightly for over 15 years. And that's who I can be for you. To see within you and your business' potential to create transformation beyond your wildest dreams that will never go out of style.
Other interests of mine have come and go, like skiing, UFC training, swimming, and gardening. Painting is the one thing that makes hours feel like minutes. I can't decipher what speaks to me most about art - knowing that no rules exist, there is no one telling you what to do, what can or can't be done, what is or isn't possible... or knowing that the only difference between a blank canvas and a masterpiece is a few colors, paintbrushes, and me. Sure, I have an electrical engineering degree and could do calculus until the cows come home, but nothing has been more constant in me than the dream to transform the world and the lives of others with color and limitless design. 

Fun Facts about me


2-time recipient of the Miss Congeniality award at the Miss Louisiana pageant

I have daily hiccups (even when I sleep)

Electrical engineering graduate, summa cum laude

Traveled solo to Peru at 22 years old - a true adventurer at heart

Invited on tour with 3 Doors Down (lmao I’m not even kidding, I was 15 and had to turn them down)

The very first time I had ever been in a kayak was a 27 mile trip in the open ocean.

I’m a plant-obsessed fanatic! Currently, I have over 23 potted plants in my home, including a cutting from an ivy that was given to my parents when I was born. So, that plant is basically 28 years old.

Creating MAGIC through genuine unique works of ART.

custom mural work


Her personalization is even more stand out. She takes such pride and honor in sharing her gift with the world and she is a gem of human to know and work with. I’ll be purchasing more Morgan Tanner original art in the future. -Meagan M.

"The quality and technique of her work is absolutely stellar."

I couldn’t believe I had this beautiful piece of craftsmanship on my wall. It's breathtaking. I even asked myself, “Is this wallpaper?!” I stared for minutes observing the fine details. My heart...geez. - Daffaney J.

"When I saw the finished product I couldn’t believe my eyes."

The symbolism in the colors and subject of the piece were well-researched and carefully built to make every single aspect of the painting unique and special. -Alyson L.

"I can’t thank her enough for her attention to detail both with me and my new painting."