There's no space too big or small.

One-of-a-kind murals that
energize and inspire.

The color and design of your environment affects your mood, creativity, and mental well being.

I'm an expert at creating environments that invoke strong emotion and appeal to the heart and the eye.

Your space, like your heart, should welcome what you want to attract.

Using color psychology and intuition, I create artwork that brings you to see and experience life differently.

Bring upon the most peaceful, joyful moments possible by curating your surroundings.

Let time stop as you allow yourself to be fully immersed in an art experience.

What Does Your Environent Say About You?

This doesn't mean how many dishes are in the sink - or if you could "eat off the floor"...

But rather the AESTHETICS of your environment.

"... Wait, Morgan, I'm not a materialistic person. I don't need *fancy* things..."

Look, I hear you. I get you.

And I also invite you to reconsider what aesthetics REALLY mean...

AESTHETICS are an intuitive form of communication - not a proclamation of materialism.

Every AESTHETIC choice in your environment communicates WHO YOU ARE.

And... your environment communicates back with you.

Don't know what I mean? Let me explain.

Ex. How would you feel if you entered a vast, open, pristine white room vs. a dark, moody cabin?

That's the connection between your aesthetics and your psychology, your mood, your emotional well-being.

I transform the 4 walls you're already paying for into an immersive, unforgettable experience that reflects YOU.  


FREE site visit (if you're local) - OR virtual consult (if you're from a land far, far away)

STUNNING mural that will leave you and all who enter your space in absolute AWE

An environment that invokes strong emotion - appeals to the heart and the eye

A mural that's 100% uniquely designed and curated for you!

Her personalization is even more stand out. She takes such pride and honor in sharing her gift with the world and she is a gem of human to know and work with. I’ll be working with Morgan Tanner again in the future.
-Meagan M.

"The quality and technique of her work is absolutely stellar."

I couldn’t believe I had this beautiful piece of craftsmanship on my wall. It's breathtaking. I even asked myself, “Is this wallpaper?!” I stared for minutes observing the fine details. My heart...geez.
- Daffaney J.

"When I saw the finished product I couldn’t believe my eyes."

The symbolism in the colors and subject of the piece were well-researched and carefully built to make every single aspect of the painting unique and special.
-Alyson L.

"I can’t thank her enough for her attention to detail both with me and my new painting."

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